How does the media affect policing?

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The media displays a negative and positive image when it comes to police officers. Society sees both sides from the media reflecting how they view police in their own communities. In our communities we also see police getting shot or often finding themselves in a bad situation. The police are here to protect us and to serve the communities to the best of their abilities. The negative images we see and hear are police that are corrupt or brutally beating harmless suspects. The positive images would be that they have saved an innocent life in a hostage situation. The media portrays the police in many different ways. We need to realize that the police are on our side and that they are human just like everyone else.

The television shows that we see on television today are both helpful and harmful to the profession. For example, "Cops" is based on real life situations and we actually see what they go through on a daily basis.

This profession is very dangerous and you have to be prepared for whatever comes your way. This show is helpful because it gives society an inside look at police officers in action. The show "NYPD Blue" portrays corrupt cops and is therefore harmful to how society sees police officers.

The show that I feel impacts policing is "CSI." It impacts policing because it shows that it's just not one person that solves a crime; it takes a team to solve a crime. It often times takes patience and a different point of view to solve long tedious crimes. This is one of my favorite shows because there are so many technological advances today that help the police do their jobs to the best of their ability. In the future technology is going to...