Does The Media Generate Violence?

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Have you ever wondered what your children are watching on television? I know that most of the time I spend during the day is cooking in the kitchen, cleaning the house, not even getting a chance to sit down and rest. I think all parents are always occupied or busy to even worry about what are kids are watching on television. I strongly believe that the media generates violence in many ways. I always catch my son looking at things I don't approve of, such as wrestling, Reno 911, and South Park, which is a cartoon of little kids that curse and are always doing bad things, like killing their friend, but its okay because it's only an accident. All these shows endanger our children in many ways, and can even make them do things that they will later on regret. I think we need to act now, and try to find some ways to keep our children safe.

We can try monitoring the television shows they watch daily, or limit how much time they spend watching television. It has been said in American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry that "American Children watch an average of three to four hours of television daily."(Paragraph 1) Hundreds of studies of the effects of television violence on children and teenagers have found that children may gradually accept violence as a way to solve problems or even try to imitate the violence as a way to solve different situations.

According to BBC News an article on Wrestling 'link to teen violence' "Watching wrestling is strongly linked to violence." (Paragraph 1) There was one particular wrestling match recently which showed men being extremely violent with a women dangling her upside down and then dropping her on her head, which seemingly knocks her unconscious. This...