Does Music Influnce TV Violence

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Common stereotypes; country music fans wear cowbot hats, people listen to rap watch a lot of violence and wear "gangsta" style clothing. Fans of rock and alternative also enjoy violence.

183 teenagers completed a media surveys asking questions about musical preference, clothing style and their opinion on t.v violence. The results are not quite what you would expect For example, only 9% of those who chose rap as their favorite music dress in the Hilfiger/FUBU style and 90% of them think that the government should furthere regulate what we are allowed to watch on television.

DO YOU AGREE WITH THESE GENERALIZATIONS??? Music influences; ammount of t.v watched, how much violence watched, opinion on t.v voilence, opinion on violence on the news, clothing style, opinion on government regulation of t.v, and what type of music liked The results of our survey have concluded that music does not reflect the amount of television we watch, in all catagories, a majority of people chose 1-5 hours per week.

About 2% of all people surveyed watched 15+ hours per week, regardless of their musical preference. 60% of them said that they "sometimes" watch a lot of violence on t.v The choice of "never" came in last. 20% of those who listened to rap never watch violence, where 3% of those who listen to jazz said they "never" watch violence. It seems this should be the opposite given the ammount of the ammount of violence suggested in rap lyrics.

Music also has no influence on wheather people believe there is too much violence on t.v. People who perfer alternative, rock, dance, rap, and "other" music, think there is sometimes too much violence. People who like jazz chose "usually" (60%) or "never" (40%). The results were similar in the Country Music catagory. 67% chose usually...