How Does Orwell Create a Dystopia in "1984"?

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A dystopia is the opposite of a utopia. The meaning of utopia is a perfect place. Therefore making a dystopia a nightmarish place with many things wrong with it. The book "1984" is based in a dystopian world in 1984. This is the future from when the book was written. Orwell has to use many ideas and very twisted thoughts and nightmares to create this world, which seems to become more like reality year by year.

An example of the dystopia being created would be the weather note on the first line of the book. "It was a bright cold day in April", this puts forward the idea that that in the time of rebirth (spring, dawn of a new year) there is a war between weather and a strong contrast. This also paints a good picture in the reader's mind of what the world must be like as quite a horrible place with grim weather that sets a scene of war.

A dystopian world would definitely have war as a part of it as war is a great fear of people and is something that would be included in a nightmare.

The story then goes on to describe where Winston lives (Victory mansions). This building has a large poster (big brother) and reminds you of a high rise apartment block in the UK that are rundown, dirty and are very small. Victory mansions is well named because it's supposed to provide the occupants with a pride of victory and to focus peoples mind on the idea that life is great when it is actually sad, nightmarish and everyone has an extremely low standard of living. If everyone lived in these kind of buildings it would almost be like living in a prison. The prison idea is also supported by...