How does Paikea confront the past, change the present and shape the future.

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In the movie "Whale Rider" there are many important factors that make this movie work, the three main factors are the way the movie writer has used the past, the present and the future to work as sort of one.

My topic for this essay is: How does Paikea confront the past, change the present and shape the future.

The Past:There are many different things in Paikea's past that affect her everyday, some of these are; when Paikea was born there was not much of a celebration (if any), because sadly her twin brother and her mother died.

Growing up this affected her greatly, not having a mother or a brother, and her father left soon as she was born. Koro, Paikea's grandfather is the leader of this community and was determined to pass his place as leader on to his grandson, but when he found out that the boy had died and not the girl he was very disappointed because all of his dreams of this boy being leader were gone.

The attitudes of many people affect Paikea everyday, some of these attitudes are nice and loving, and others are not so nice, but still in a loving mind. Koro's attitudes towards Paikea are not always nice, but still in a small way they are loving, although at times it is hard to see, Koro still loves Paikea even though he is disappointed that she is a girl. Nanny Flowers, (Paikea grandmother) on the other hand, has a different attitude towards Paikea than Koro has. Nanny Flowers' attitude towards Paikea is one of love, caring and happiness, she doesn't care that she is a girl, she still loves her however she is.

The Present:Traditions to some people are very important things, they stick to these traditions...