What does a person get from a religous perspective? Relate this back to topics that affect us in todays society

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That religious perspective gives a person purpose and meaning in life. Religious perspective allows a person to believe in more than the physically existent and therefore gives them somewhere to turn when life changes course. This is evident in the underlying meanings and concepts of the articles.

The issues of adoption, values, education, politics, drugs, homosexuality, refugees, and faith all relate back to ones religious perspective, whether it be a Christian view or another religion, all these issues take careful evaluation and analysis against all moral and ethical values one hold. A religious perspective allows this and therefore helps people to make the right decision while finding meaning and purpose in their life.

The values and faith that a society possesses is solely based upon religious perspective. Some believe that important values in society are slowly decreasing. The article 'Values eroding in a world or turmoil, church heads warn', shows the direct views of religious leaders.

With high authority figures making such statements as 'more compassion and passion is needed' it is evident that religion is an important aspect of our lives. High Authority figures are at times placed adjacent to those whom we idolize. Pop star Guys Sebastian, is publicly known as being a 'religious kind of man'. He states that religion gives him more purpose in life than any amount of money or fame. With movie such as 'Passion of the Christ' becoming popular, it is obvious that many still hold religion in high priority.

The social values that are seen today are the very essence of meaning and purpose. Without these, Australian would not be able to grasp the concept of compassion and morality which is a purpose we all strive for.

I believe that values and morals are the very basis of y\our every day...