How does pop culture directly relate to chemistry?

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Sophia Carigo 8/19/14

1711 How Does Pop Culture Directly Relate To Chemistry?

Commonly known as entertainment, television and movies are important in terms of

education, providing ground for subjects like chemistry and how it is commonly used in different perspectives. People are unaware of the chemistry that occurs in their everyday lives. From cars, to sports, and cooking, the list may go on, but it is definitely something worth the thought.

Have you ever watched movies that involved house fires and wondered, why you should not open a door or window? It's all chemistry my friend. I recently watched Endless Love and it involved a house fire scene. The boy opens a window in the room on fire thinking it would blow it out, but no. Instead, he is blown away by a powerful force and remains unconscious. Fire is made up of three elements: fuel, heat, and oxygen. This is also known as the Combustion Triangle. By him opening up a window, he is feeding the fire with more oxygen. Therefore, making the fire more bigger and harmful. While watching the movie I got very nervous as if I was there myself, but it sure did point out a safety hazards during a fire which definitely educated others.

Other than getting injured by a fire, how about actually stopping it? You see firefighters on the news with their fire extinguishers and water hoses. I saw an episode of How It's Made regarding fire extinguishers. How does it help? Fire extinguishers are meant to remove oxygen from the fire. When vinegar and baking soda are combined, they create carbon dioxide gas. This reaction is known as an acid based reaction. When using the extinguisher in a fire, the CO2 has heavier molecular weight than the air so it sinks...