How does Priestly use the from of the inspector in "An Inspector Calls?"

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Show how Priestley uses the form of the detective in the play. Is he successful in doing so? It could be argued that the inspector is the main character, it is clear that he is in charge as he dominates and controls the entire play. He revelas "snippets" of the story, "One line of inquiry at a time."(pg22). This keeps the audience intrigued and enticed by the mysterious figure as he enfolds the excitement. Straight away the Inspector begins his inquiry in a blunt, commanding and inquisitive manner. The arrival of InspectorGoole undermines the paths of authority within the household, the power Mr. Birling has seems insignificant in the prescense of the Inspector. I believe this suggests that Priestley is tring to show that no matter how much power you have you should always treat others equaly. Throughout the play Goole does not treat the Birling family with excess respect.

The inspector treats everyone the same. This suggests that he is portraying Priestly's views, he wishes for everyone to be treated the same and that society should aim to be like this. The Inspector arrives just after Mr Birling has begun to speak to Eric and Gerald about "community and all that nonsense". This emphasises that change is needed in society and the fact that the older generation are reluctant to change. This foreshadows that the older Birlings will not change their ways but Sheila and Eric will. After the inspector is demined as "fake" the elder Birlings are extremely relieved. "The whole story's a lot of moon shine" however Sheila and Eric feel tremendously ashamed of their actions. Sheila states " You're pretending everything's just as it was before." This shows Sheila has learnt her lesson and will change her views, she wishes for her parents to...