What does privacy means to me

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What does privacy means to me?

Privacy as a definition is the need or state of being free from unauthorized intrusion on personal matters. Privacy is the affirmation of control over access to the details f a person's existence. In other words privacy is the right to be left alone.

By the choices we make on a daily basis we can control how much of this privacy can and will be infringed upon. While we assume we have the right to privacy the legal facets of this right are much more complex. For instance, by choosing the credit card with the option to collect miles we also give authority to the credit card company to collect data on our purchase habits. This data in turn is sold and traded with other companies and used as target marketing.

Although not apparent, privacy is an issue of relevance and concern in nearly all aspects of our individual lives.

For instance, the option of at what point in time the curtains in the bedrooms are opened might infringe in that privacy. The use of debit or credit cards or cash for the morning coffee at the corner store may infringe on our privacy. Every situation throughout our daily lives provides reinforcement or reduction in our privacy. Data is constantly being collected on all of us, and the amount of data collected is dependant on your choices and our awareness.

In many cases, this data collection are of benefit to us, for instance the collection of miles by our credit card company, or by signing up with a website which might provide a discount you your next tickets for a group's concert. Also by collecting this data a credit card company might be able to alert you on the fraudulent use of you...