What does religion mean? Religion is defined as “a worship

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What does religion mean? Religion is defined as â??a worship of God or gods; faith; system of beliefâ?� in The New Websterâ??s Dictionary. Religion is also a mean of not being scared for after death. Many people are afraid of death, so they have a religion, in which they believe in â??Godâ?� so that everything will be alright after they die. Religion is taught because it is an example of an upbringing in life. We inherit religion through our families, so it can b taught and passed down from generation to generation. In Bless Me, Ultima, Ruldolfo Anaya shows Antonio Marez as he matures, and by the end of the novel Antonio seems to lose faith in his religion, Catholicism, and be heading towards Ultimaâ??s magic and the golden carp.

Antonio does not seem to have any faith in Catholicism anymore.

Sometimes, in moments of great anxiety and disappointment, I wondered if God was alive anymore, or if He ever had been.

He had not been able to cure my uncle Lucas or free the Tellez family from their curse, and He had not been able to save Lupito or Narciso. (236) The power of the doctors and the power of the church had failed to cure my uncle. Now everyone depended on Ultimaâ??s magic. Was it possible that there was more power in Ultimaâ??s magic than in the priest? (99) Antonio doubts his God and his powers. Antonio is justifying that God does not exist and how He is not their to answer Antonioâ??s questions or to help someone when they are in need. He compares where the power of God has failed and where Ultimaâ??s power succeeds. Antonio seems to have more faith in Ultimaâ??s magic than he does with God.

Antonio sees Ultimaâ??s...