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Who Does Society Blame? Is there a moral need for scientists to take responsibility for the impact of the things they create? This is a very controversial question. Many people agree that scientists should be held responsible, while others argue that scientists cant be held responsible for peoples actions, how people use what scientists create, and for what purpose they use these creations and inventions. As of right now in the 21st century technology and science are higher than they've ever been. There are many debatable topics such as tobacco, cloning, and gun control. To me, it all depends on the topic being discussed to be able to determine a viewpoint on the subject.

Let's take first of all tobacco. It's in cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigars etc. The effects of tobacco can be costly. Tobacco has been successfully linked to causing cancers of the mouth and lungs. It ahs also been scientifically affiliated with getting people addicted to tobacco, and has even been a lot of peoples cause of death.

Are big tobacco companies to blame for this? Of course they made the cigarettes and other tobacco products, but did they force people to buy cigarettes and smoke them, or chew tobacco? Well, no. It was the person's individual choice to go to the store, purchase these products, and use them. In my opinion big tobacco businesses are not to blame here. My grandma who is almost 70 years old is a smoker. She has been for some time now. I can the effects cigarettes are doing to her. I wish I could blame someone else for her actions, but that's not possible. It was up to her to put the cigarette in her mouth and take a puff.

A huge disputation right now is human cloning. This...