How does the song "like a rolling stone" by bob dylan relate to the concept of change

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Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan is about a lady who was once a wealthy upper class citizen with the luxuries of being in a position of riches but is now nothing more then a homeless person. This song is about how life can change so suddenly and how taking and becoming addicted to drugs can destroy your life completely. The girl in this song was given the best of the best opportunities to make it easier to succeed, money dresses etc. but this lack of restraint on money led to her being able to spend it on drugs. Now she has had to pawn all her old luxuries to maintain her lifestyle. Like A Rolling Stone has four verses and a chorus repeated after each verse.

The title "Like a Rolling Stone" is used because it explains the fact that once you continue on a downhill slope it gets harder and harder to stop making the decisions which are cascading downwards like a rolling stone.

This phrase is also used as the last line of the chorus of the song. The chorus itself asks the question to the character in the song of "how does it feel to be on your own with no direction home like a complete unknown like a rolling stone?". In the chorus the line "To be on your own with no direction home" makes clear the fact that the character is now alone and there is no way to change back to the life that the character depicted originally had. "Like a complete unknown" describes the lady's new social status as one of the indistinguishable people in this world, it is as if she was never a wealthy superior class citizen.

The first verse of the song starts out with "Once upon a...