How Does Stress Effect A Student's Life

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Stress Effects Why do all students go through stress? Have you ever thought about this question, thought how stress effects their grades and studying? Every student goes through stress, but of course the causes of the stress and its effect differs on a student to another. As a student, I face a lot of things, which effects my life and studies and creates a lot of depression for me. Some of these causes are living apart from my family and friends, transportation, trying to get good grades, short of time, homework and housework.

Because I live away from my family and friends, I spend most of my time thinking of them. I never thought about a day which I will live without any of them, although, the day came and I am living with out them. Living away from family and friends takes a lot of my time, and that's because I spend most of my time thinking about them and about how much fun, action and adventures I am missing, wondering what are they doing in this and that moment.

So worrying about all that makes me space out in classes and everywhere. So it decreases my concentration in so many things, especially in classes.

Not driving, or just having no car, creates a lot of stress on me too. Each and everyday I have to go to school couple of hours before my original class hours because other wise no on will be able to drop me in school on the exact time, and at the same time spending a lot of time after I finish my classes waiting for someone to pick me up. So waiting takes a lot of my time and energy. So the time I reach the house, it is already night...