Does technology ensure progress?

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In this essay I will argue that technology does not ensure progress. The first main concept that needs to be clarified is 'technology'. This paper acknowledges the concept 'technology' as being the application of science, especially to industrial or commercial objectives. The other key concept 'progress' in this essay is defined as a steady improvement, as a society or civilization. I am arguing that the concept of technology does not ensure the concept of progress because there are certain technologies that have hurt society in various ways. Furthermore, not all technologies ensure progress.

Scientists have created various technologies for various reasons. It is evident that not all of these technologies are for the steady improvement of a society or civilization, but rather for personal gain. If a certain technology was invented to give a farmer a greater yield of crop, but this particular technology leads to the death of an ecosystem, then it is not progress in the sense it brings steady improvement to a society or civilization because it destroys the delicate balance of life and its biodiversity.

The loss of biodiversity will hurt civilization in the long run because the foundations of life depend on it.

Some people may think that certain technologies are the correct path for humanity, but certain technologies can manifest into things that people do not expect and hurt society by doing so. For instance, if scientists could predict that aliens would take over the earth if they invented a spaceship that could reach them, even though the scientists had not planned on finding earth invaders; surely they would have thought otherwise. This is an extreme example that has obviously not happened, but the birth of atomic energy is an example of technology that's intended purpose of giving houses and industries power manifested itself...