Does technology ensure progress?

Essay by andrewhuiB, June 2006

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It is impossible to stop the march of the time, and likewise, technological advances are impossible to stop progress. Although there is a drawback on progress since we face the problem of pollution and radiation, we can still pay efforts on technical or industrial skills. The purpose is to improve the standard of living as well as the development to the manufacturing in addition to strengthen our economy. With those advanced skills or can do difficult or dangerous tasks, we can ensure the beneficial or potential change and the positive movement that seeks to success.

For technology, we mean the advanced machines or tools and the practical skills. The objective of technology is to help people out from dealing any big issues or any dangerous tasks. For progress, we mean the positive movement towards a goal and paying effort that lead to success. Technology and progress are definitely interrelated. The good reason is the term "innovation"; technology is the kind of innovation that is the act or process of inventing or introducing something new and it also can be defined as a progress, improvement or reformation.

First of all, the evidence that technology does ensure progress is "invention". The invention of the automobile has had a great effect on society. Although automobiles are not important in the daily life of every country, they are widely used in most developed societies. In my opinion, they have played a significant role in this development and have greatly affected the culture as well. Before the automobile, goods and people were often transported by train or horse-drawn wagon. However, the trains did not run everywhere and horses were slow and could carry only limited loads. People rarely traveled far from home unless it was a necessity. Then the automobile made it possible for people...