How does technology influence the ways we spend leisure time?

Essay by milanaJunior High, 8th grade April 2014

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Name: Milana Alsabekova Grade: 8D Date: 15.04.14

How does technology influence the way we spend our leisure time?

As you know, 21st century is century of high-tech. Look around. This boy is sitting with computer and playing online games. That girl is standing near the window and chatting with her friends. Way of spending our leisure time changed completely almost. Interests of people change every day. Technologies develop day by day. We cannot say now is it good or bad for us. To answer the main question of our essay we did a survey that contains seven questions about interconnection between people and technology. Based on the results of the survey, people have become to spend more and more time with technology.

In our days we have many different types of technology: mobile/cell phones, music players, iPads, iPhones, radio, 3D TV, touch screens and others. Every person has at least one of them.

We use technology for work, study, for home and relaxing . Everybody has own way of using technology. World around change, people create new, with these hobbies and ways of spending leisure time change too. For example, electronic books appeared. Less people became to go to the library. People communicate, walk with each other less. They spend their time at the Internet, social networks and chats.

Based on article we have read, game-application Candy Crush Saga has been downloaded 500 million times last year. In this article also was written about one person-worker who played in Candy Crush Saga. She said: "I play it in between breaks at work; before I go home, when I get home…It's addictive." All of these tell us about spending leisure time too. Millions of people play in video/online games such as Candy Crush Saga every day. Other examples are...