What does the term Holocaust mean to you?

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What does the term Holocaust mean to you?This simple word, ever since the eighteenth century, refers to the violent deaths of a large number of people. When you hear death, does the idea of killing off millions randomly based on your background come to mind? The usual person thinks of death, as crashing, dying of old age,or murder. Although simple, there is a very dark history signifying its true meaning. Over eleven million deaths, based on racism and hate between the Nazi rises in 1933, to the Third Reich in 1945, under Hitler's rule.

The Holocaust is generally regarded as the systematic slaughter of not only 6 million Jews, the primary victims, but also 5 million others, approximately 11 million individuals wiped off the Earth by the Nazi regime and its collaborators, or helpers. It is hard to grasp the idea that it isn't just 11 million deaths, but 11 million people whose lives were cut off because of racism and hate, all in a period of 11 years.

There are two main phases to the Holocaust, the period between 1933, the Nazi rise, and the period between 1939 and 1945, the period of World War II. The first concentration camp opened in January 1933, when the Nazis came to power, and continued to run until the end of the war and the Third Reich, in May 8, 1945. (Rosenberg)Extermination, nothing less, not for who they were, but what they were. Groups including; handicaps, homosexuals, gypsies, Jehovah's witnesses, Catholics, Soviet prisoners of war, and poles were persecuted by the Nazis because of physical defects and political/religious views. Not to mention, lives cut from this world because of ones failure to fall under the Aryan deal. (Jewish Virtual Library)Once Hitler got into power, he began instituting his idea of the perfect...