Does a typical or ideal family/household exist in modern British Society?

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It is hard to define what a family is because it is an issue on which people hold different views. Their views can be influenced by many motives like their religion, the society they are living in, media and many other things.

However, according to dictionary a family is, a group consisting of parents and their children living together; also a group of people related by blood or marriages.

All the descendants of a common ancestor including aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins.

Nowadays people think differently about a family. There are four typical types of family

1. Nuclear- This is the traditional family which is now more common in society.

It is more frequently represented in media today: Husband, wife and children living as one unit.

2. Extended- The extended family consists of several generations living in the same household with several other relatives living nearby.

3. Reconstituted (step) - It is a type of family where Children are brought up with one step parent. It is a situation where one of the parent has re-married.

4. One- Parent- This family type is found when a couple is separated due to the increasing number of divorces. Many Children are brought up with only one of their parent who decides to live with his/her Children without marrying again. It is usually the mother who is found in these cases.

The idea of a 'typical family' is changed during the last fifty to sixty year.

The importance of a family has decreased and this is due to the changes occurring in society.

People now prefer to live alone rather then living with families. They prefer being independent. However there are still some families in Britain who live as a whole unit with their ancestors but mostly don't like living together.