Does The U.S. Have The Right To Subsist In The War

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On September 11th, 2001, a group of terrorists got aboard commercial U.S. planes and managed to crash the four planes they boarded. Two planes hit each of the World Trade Center towers, another hit the Pentagon, and the final one was grounded in Pennsylvania (War 1). What happened on Sept. 11th is truly shocking. Just to think that a group of men, unhappy about the way we live, would plan something this horrific, just to show how much they resent us. In our history, when the U.S. has battled other powers for a good cause, they have almost always come out on top. But there has been one enemy that, no matter how many times the U.S. fights it, has not been completely eradicated: that enemy is terrorism. The nation and the people encourage and support the United States? decision to lead the war on terrorism. There are three reasons why the U.S.

is a great candidate to spearhead the war on terrorism: not many countries are as able as the U.S. to provide aid, the U.S. has organized a national security program for our country and has already worked out a strategy to attack terrorism to seek retribution for the terrorists? actions, and the U.S. finds itself to be a prime target, so it is our responsibility to protect ourselves and, especially, our citizens. Though it may not be our role to save the world, our country can at least try to make it a better place.

To begin with, the United States has provided aid to many foreign countries that have been ravaged by war and poverty. For example, after World War II, the United States spent 15% of its budget, in the years to come, on other nations and countries. The U.S. also participated in the...