Does it work?

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Sample Student 1

Sample Student

Professor Tavis

English 101

November 28, 2012

Does It Work?

How do we measure intelligence? Today most college's look to the SAT

to find this answer, but what is this test examining? Is it a measure of what an individual

knows or how much that individual can learn? The stated purpose of the SAT is to show

college's "how well you can apply the skills you learned in high school" (FAQs).

People would assume that knowing this score would give colleges an idea about an

individual's intelligence. However, The Princeton Review states, the SAT "measures

neither intelligence nor the stuff you're learning in high school" (Robinson vii).

Princeton, one of the top ranked universities in America (National University Rankings)

argues that a person's score on the SAT is not a true measure of their intelligence. The

problem with placing so much emphasis on the SAT is that it places a limit on how

colleges view student's intelligence.

Why do universities use this test when it doesn't measure intelligence? It is a

quick and easy way to sort through a number of applicants to find the most promising

students. It is nationally standardized so college's can compare students from Oregon to

students from Texas. The SAT is also used in determining a school's ranking in U.S.

News & World's list of the top universities in the U.S. This list is one of the most

prestigious rankings of institutions of higher learning, and widely used by new college

applicants. Every college wants to have a good reputation. When a university's name is

linked with academic success, students will want to go there. The most prestigious

Sample Student 2

colleges in the U.S., such as Harvard University, Princeton, and Yale still require either

an SAT or ACT exam...