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My dog had a bone, he had a bone indeed, then he broke his bone and had nothing to eat. Oh I wonder what will happen now? We shall wait and see, for my dog used to have a bone and he's very hungry.

I love my dog, I love it so! When he saw me having a mow, then he chased me, chased me so. My dog loves me, he loves me so! When he caught me, he imbraced me so! I love my dog and he loves me, me and him are family.

Dogs are good, dogs are great, everybody watch them shake, roll and wag there tails, for they make a great play mate.

My dog chased my cat one sunday morning. We spent the whole day out calling. My cat was too scared to come back home, but I dont really care cause dogs are my earning.

Dogs, dogs are a curious thing. Do you ever wonder what they are thinking? I do. I sit and watch him all day long. He wees and poos and sniffs and barks. So to what they are thinking - who cares! Let dogs be dogs.