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Dog Trainer

What I know and What I would like to know

When I graduate High School I would like to look into a career as a dog trainer. I love dogs and think it would be a fun and rewarding career to be able to work with them directly to teach them to follow commands in order to behave for their masters or perform in shows or movies. I will enjoy teaching dogs basic obedience as well as more advanced tricks.

I know that this job will be hard work and require lots of patience. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to do the best I can in this career. I am very good with working with animals and have trained my owns dogs before so I know I can succeed. This career will work out great for me because I will enjoy what I am doing instead of dreading it .

I also won't mind the hard work of having to care for the dogs I train because caring for dogs is also pleasurable for me.

I want to know how much money the job pays. Money is important because the job is going to cost allot for supplies like food and shelter for the dogs. I also want to how much schooling is needed for the job and what skills are useful so I know what to study in college. Lastly I'd like to know what a dog trainer does to train the dogs.


A dog trainer is someone who uses different techniques to teach dogs to perform certain tasks when they are signaled . A dog trainer might train a dog to assist the disabled or blind. A dog trainer also could be someone who trains dogs to know basic obedience for its...