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Good morning teacher and fellow class mates. Today I will be talking to you about how the character Marlin develops and grows within the film Finding Nemo. Marlin needs to learn to trust Nemo as he grows up so he can learn from his mistakes.

One of the important Themes in the film Finding Nemo is trust. The father of Nemo, which is Marlin, is the kind of character who finds it hard to trust other fish and let go. Marlin found it really difficult to trust Nemo as Nemo was growing up, because of this Nemo felt as if he was getting treated like a baby, so Nemo decided to betrayed him in scene five 'school day starts. As it gets to the end of the film Marlin realises that he needs to let go in order for Nemo to grow and learn from his mistakes, all about marlin trusting Nemo.

During the scene five 'school day starts', its Nemo's first day of school and the class is going to the drop off. When Marlin finds out he freaks out because he can't let Nemo be independent. So marlin rushes to the drop off to find Nemo's friends swimming out to the butt, thinking Nemo was going to, marlin got angry at Nemo and said 'you think you can do these things but you just can't Nemo!' one of the symbolic codes to show marlin had no trust in Nemo, was his facial expressions, marlin looked really angry with Nemo, and Nemo looked as if he hated his father, and at that moment he said "I hate you", marlin was shocked, as Marlin swam away telling Nemo to follow him, Nemo swam out to the butt and that's when he was taken by the diver.

In scene 28...