Dogs Can Be a Useful Resource for Humans

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Nowadays, more and more families are attached to owning one or several pets since pets not only can bring humans pleasure but also can become friends with humans. Among all pets, dogs hold the first place in human affection due to their intelligence, faithfulness and loving nature. Dogs also can be a useful resource since they are able to provide companionship, and to offer safety for humans.

First of all, dogs can bring friendship to humans in their daily lives. They invite humans to love them and be loved by them because they can understand humans and comfort them when human words do not help. The time and effort humans spend with their dogs will be returned to them in the form of the friendship that they will gain from their dogs. Basically, people need to devote a lot of time to their dogs everyday such as taking them to walk outside and playing games with them.

According to the article "What I owe Daisy" by Christie Blatchford, she said, "we were like an old married couple, by which I mean that although we did not do much, we did everything together" (2). After a long period of living together, humans can build a kind of closed companionship with their dogs. For teenagers, dogs could be their best friends and bring them happiness when they have no friends to play with. For some old couples, they may be living alone after their children have grown up, dogs could become their new children in order to reduce their loneliness. In short, humans will receive a type of companionship by owning dogs.

Not only do dogs provide friendship, but they also give safety to humans in several ways. Indeed, dogs play very important roles by helping people watch their property. Some...