Dogs Rule, Cats Drool

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Dogs Rule and Cats Drool When it comes time to choose a pet, do you want a loveable Lassie or a sneaky Garfield? The choice is easy. Dogs are much better of a choice for a pet than cats. Dogs not only make better companions, but they are also helpful, talented, and more obedient than their feline rivals.

I?m sure you?ve heard the phrase, ?mans best friend?. Well that statement is nothing but truth. If you treat your dog right, it will surely become the most loyal friend you?ve ever had. No matter how your life is going, no matter if everyone around seems to hate you, your dog will always be there. Now, yes its true that a cat will also be there, but for how long? Dogs will curl up on the couch with you when your sick and stay there until you tell them to leave, while most cats will cuddle for a few minutes then wander off to something more interesting.

It?s a lot easier to communicate with a dog than a cat. Dogs seem to actually have human emotion. Picture this, you walk in the door after work, the minute you walk in your dog smothers you with kisses. Your cat might look at you for a few seconds then continue whatever it was she was doing, whether it was clawing your furniture or rummaging through your garbage. Dogs show their emotions very well, you may notice that when a dog is excited, his tail will begin to wag or when he is sad, his face will tilt and he will let out a little whimper. I am not saying that cats are totally emotionless, they might purr when happy or hiss at you when you bother them. Dogs have just as many emotions as humans do. They are an ideal companion.

A dog is a great help to its owner. Your dog may even learn to bring you your newspaper in the morning. Sure, it might be a little wet but it?s better than your cat bringing you a dead mouse. Dogs are also very protective of their owners. If something or someone ever attempted to harm you, your loyal dog would do anything in its power to protect you. And that protection includes guarding your home. Many families have been saved from burglaries because of their dog. A dog has an excellent sense of hearing. Cats also have good hearing but are usually too lazy too act upon it. When alerted of something suspicious, dogs will alert their owner usually by their bark. But that?s not all a dog can do. A dog can also swim. This is also very helpful because there have been more than a few incidents where dogs have actually acted as lifeguards. They have sensed that somone was in trouble and rushed in the water to save a drowning person. Overall, a dog is a very helpful pet.

Dogs are no only helpful but very smart animals. They can be taught almost anything. A dog can be taught various tricks including sit, up, down, fetch, rollover, play dead, and the list goes on and on. Cats can also be smart animals but are almost impossible to teach and very uncooperative. Dogs can even play games with their owners. They can learn to play fetch and even tag. Dogs are very easy animals to teach. They grasp concepts very easily, dogs are very talented animals.

One of the most important things a pet owner looks for in a pet is obedience. Nobody wants a pet who doesn?t listen. Cats do have ears, which do listen, but cats rarely pay any attention to anything but themselves.

Dogs will almost always obey their owner. They understand the meaning of the word ?no!? or ?stay!?. Also, as for housebreaking, dogs will never have an accident in the house once they are trained. Cats don?t have accidents either but their litter boxes can cause unpleasant odors in your home. If you want an obedient pet, choose a dog.

The choice between a dog and a cat should not be a hard one. Dogs are definitely a better choice than cats. Dogs give you everything you could ever want in a pet, they give you love, friendship, loyalty, fun, and the feeling of being safe. A dog is the ideal pet.