Doing Business in Lebanon

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Doing Business in Lebanon

The increasing importance of doing business on a global perspective made international organizations spread and operate in more than a country. Increasing number of companies are developing markets in the Middle East or exploring how they might do so. Entering the Middle East does not necessarily mean entering all the countries directly; it might be entering the region through operating in all countries from a regional or representative in one of the region's counties. Every region has its challenges, often as much cultural as commercial. Lebanon is part of the Middle East, but there is quite a difference between Lebanon on one side and the whole Arab world on the other hand, since Lebanon is known for its diversification and openness to the world since ever.

At the heart of the Middle East, and the crossroads of three continents, Lebanon is where the East meets the West.

A convergence point of trade routes for thousands of years and a unique cultural and religious melting pot. The land of the Alphabet is rising as a regional hub for trade, finance, services, culture and tourism. With a stable political system based on a parliamentary democracy, and unique characteristics that are inherent to the Lebanese system, Lebanon offers an ideal business environment for discerning investors.

In addition to a free-market economy based on a long tradition of government-supported liberalism, a sophisticated banking system, a developed legal framework, a superbly skilled workforce, and an exceptional lifestyle, Lebanon offers a large number of investment opportunities in all sectors of the Lebanese national economy.

Major sectors in Lebanon

There are three major sectors in Lebanon, Agriculture, Industry and Services.


With good soil, abundant water and a favorable climate, Lebanon's agricultural potential is good, despite less than a quarter of...