Doing business in South Africa

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Doing business in South Africa

Why South Africa?

There are many reasons why I have chosen South Africa. Probably the main reason is well explained by its flag and the nickname derived by it: "Rainbow Nation".

This nickname was minted to describe the ideal of pacific cohabitation between the many different cultures and ethnic groups that South Africa hosts.

And that last one ideal is the main reason why I have chosen this country. In South Africa are living together, and sharing the same space, thirteen different ethnic groups coming from all over the world: there are Europeans, Chinese, Indians and Africans races and there are eleven official languages. This cultural mix influenced even the decision about the number of capital city to be considered: actually South Africa is the only country in the world with three capital city.

This simultaneous presence of so many cultural differences guided by the same government and by the same laws is the main reason why I considered South Africa to be an absolute interesting stage to observe how different culture interact each other, and how is possible to found a common way and a common sense of nation in so much diversity (goal still not completely accomplished).

Another reason is probably the even more important role that South Africa is playing in the international context. It is responsible for more than 1/3 of the sub-Saharian African GDP and after the 2010 world football championship, this country started to be considered as one of the most prominent in the world because of its economic and political growing...