Doing Illegal Drugs

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When doing illegal drugs, a person can ruin his life. He steals, lies, and and may end up in jail. He may also cause his family to worry. When someone is trying to support his drug habbit, he will most likley steal from family or strangers when he runs out of money. He may also lie to his family just so he may be able to get more durg money. If someone decides to steal or lie, and gets caught, he will end up in jail. The saddest part of someone doing drugs, is the tourment that person puts on his parents. If this person has a child and ends up in jail, that child will never know him as a father. One of the hardest parts of being a parent with a child on drugs, is not knowing whether or not your child will be coming home or if something terriable will be happening to them.

If your child on drugs, ends up in jail, how would you be able to cope with that? It is so hard to think that one day, my child may be the one in jail for doing something horriffic while of drugs. Drugs will ruin your life. You may think, this one time won't hurt or you may say I don't do it all the time. But in fact that is what all drug users say at one point in time. Just think about your family and all the other people you are hurting when you decided that you want to do drugs. The Department of Justice reports that in 2000 57.7% of the male population tested, tested positive for drugs. The emergency room departments report that in 2000, they saw over 200,000 thousand cases of people over dosing on drugs.