A Doll House

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In "A Doll House" by Henrik Isben there are many noticeable social issues that effect Nora and her husband Helmer. First of which they seem to have been poor and they are now moving up in the world. Secondly we see that Nora seems like the type to spend money freely and doesn't seem worried about debt, unlike her husband Helmer. Nora and Helmer fit into the society that they live in pretty well Helmer is a hard working husband, they have a few children a nurse to watch over them and a maid to take care of the house.

We see from the stage directions that Nora's house is fairly nice but not expensively furnished. We also see that they have a maid answering the door. This leads the reader to believe that things seem to be improving for Helmer. "Now that you've got a big salary and are going to make piles and piles of money."

This line tells the reader that things are improving for Helmer. We can see that his social standing in the society must be pretty high if he has a maid and is getting this big raise. It seems though that it is still not enough for Nora, she wants to show off. We see this in the scene where the delivery boy brings them the tree, "There's a crown. No keep the change." This line shows how Nora wants everyone to know about her social class and she is basically trying to show off.

We also see a bit of deception between Nora and her husband. Nora lies to her husband when he asks "Surely my sweet tooth hasn't been running riot in town today, has she?" but the response he gets is no. This of course is...