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Nora's diary entries The day she leaves the house Last night, I made a decision which will in effect change the course of my entire life. Even though I'm supposed to be all sad and helpless I surprisingly don't feel much like that. In fact I feel like I'm free all of a sudden. Free from the chains society puts on a woman. Now I'll never have to act like I'm a stupid, weak thing who needs a man to make decisions for her. I'm glad that Torvald Helmer didn't turn out to be the man I secretly wished he would turn out to be when he came to know of my problem. His selfishness really opened my eyes. Thinking about all the intimate times we had together makes me sick .I'm staying with Linde for tonight and then I'm going to my parents house. I was so scared last night that Torvald would find out the truth after opening the letter.

But now every fear I had of that man feels insignificant and I could'nt care less of what he would think of me now. I will miss my kids as much as any mother would but I'm determined to make something out of myself which my kids would be proud of. As they say, "everything happens for the good" here I'm like a free bird, planning out a future full of wonderful possibilities.

A month later Hello, here I am a month since I wrote that last diary entry. I've never felt so good in my whole life then I'm write now. Thought I had moments when I felt like a coward and just wanted to run back into my old life where I had no responsibility I overcome that feeling but thinking Of that controlling man, Torvald Helmer. Dr. Rank has been really supportive of my decision and he's is the only man who totally understands how I feel. He has also helped me make decisions about my education plans on his encouragement I've decided to get educated. The kids have written to me almost every week and I miss them terribly .Not a moment goes by when I don't think of them. This has only made me more determined to be a strong, independent woman.

One year later Hello again !Its been a long time since I made a diary entry. Today has been exactly one year since I left Torvald. Life has been an amazing journey of self-realization every since then. My education has been going on strongly and Dr. Rank was so impressed my intelligent talk that he couldn't believe it was the same Nora he saw a year ago. He looked really handsome last night when he took me out for dinner think he is truly in love with me. A year ago when he said that I couldn't believe him but it seems so true. I heard that Torvald married another woman and that he plans to send the children to me. That has made my life truly complete. The other day I got a letter from Christine saying how much she missed me.She and Krogstad who later learnt was an old flame of hers are happily married now.Looking back at my diary entries from two years ago amazes me to find how much I have changed as a person. Rembering that sweet naïve lady who was so occupied by trifle things in life just makes me laugh now.