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If I was to be the producer of the movie based on the novel "Rock-A-Bye Baby" written by Debbie Macomber i would have many idea's on how I would re-create the setting , and what kind of costumes I would use for the characters in the novel.

There were three main characters in the novel. One of them was John Osborne. He was the owner of the antigue store. He was a sullen character, he didnt talk much or share any of his feelings. For this character I would chose a outfit that was mainly dull, such as a brown or grey faded suit with scratched up shoes. This can help develope the sense that John wasn't a very cheerful character. Another character was Danni Beckman, she was a cheerful easy going person in the novel. She always look at things on the positive side. Her costume would be alot different from what John's would be, because Dani was younger I would make her costume more up to date then John's.

Danni would resemble a rockstar, she would wear black skin tight pants, which resembled leotards, a floral pattern top that was short above her belly button. She would wear her hair back in a ponytail, wearing a black velvet hat with yellow daisys on it. The final character was Mammie, who was John's mother. She would be seen as an elder grey haired women. She was a joyful caring women. She would wear a older style flowery sundress with buttons up the front.

With big yellow and pink flowers on it. She would wear small glasses slide down on the end of her nose.

The story takes place in florida by the ocean side in an old antigue store called "Osborne's Antiques". The store is acrossed the shore line. There would be many small shops such as cafe's and clothing stores and tourists shops. along the road way there would be white, sparkling sand spread over wide spaces.

There would be alot of people on the setting wearing bathing suits. Umbrellas would be set up along the shore to provide shade. Back on the oposite side of the street where Osbornes sits in the middle amoung the other shops there are street lights and traffic lights, cross walks.

The story takes place mostly in the antique store. I would create the store to be quite small. There would be a large display window out front, so passing people can look in and see displays. The cash would be in the left corner when you walked in. At the far right corner of the store would be the storage room. In this it would be dark and musty. There would be old banged up furniture laying around. Old chairs, clocks, tables, end tables, lamps, rugs would be piled on top of each other.

There would be several cob-webs hanging in each corner. On top of all the other furniture would be the baby cradle, which symbolizes John and Danni's relationship.

Inside the store there would be large paintings of indians killing a buffalio and ships hanging from the walls. In the window display the scene would be set up as a baby's room. In the corner would be the baby's cradle with an old quilt with a aniaml pattern on it. There would be an old varnished wooden rocking chair in the other corner. On the chair there would be a light pink throw. On the floor there would be toys placed as though a child was playing with them.