A Doll's House

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A Doll's House In the drama A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen I looked at diction, the element of communication through plot. In the play Ibsen shows the reader how Nora is very much like a child stuck in a woman's body and turns herself around and walks out on her family in the end. The title foreshadows Nora's life in her dear Torvalds home.

The entire play takes place around Nora in the beautiful happy home of Helmers. In the beginning the reader sees Nora as the perfect house wife and mother for Torvald and their three children. She shops, cooks and is always at Torvald's beck and call. Torvald has nicknames for her like songbird, squirrel and lark. Nora's life revolves around her husband. Ibsen shows this in every act throughout the play. Nora never really has interaction with her children. This is another example of how she is compared to being like a doll.

The maid is always taking care of the children. One time Nora plays a game of hide-and-seek and after that is over she sends the kids with a maid to wash up for bed.

Mrs. Linde an old friend of Nora's comes into town. Here we discover that Nora has signed a loan from the bank to help save her husband from a sickness he has. The bank man Krogstad is going to loose his job when Mr. Helmer becomes the new manager of the bank. He wants to reveal his secret he has with Nora or she can help him keep his job at the bank. In the scene the reader sees Mrs. Linde has a fear when Krogstad comes to the Helmer's house. Later the reader finds out the two once had a relationship together. After a night out the Nora...