A Doll's House ACT I: Character Analysis

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Throughout Act I we are being set up for the rest of the play. This act's main purpose is to exemplify personalities, relationships and characteristics of this play's characters.

Act I seems to set place in the early twentieth century, around the turn of the century. Realizing this is not essential at first, but certainly seems to be important to the plot of this play.

The play opens with our main character, Nora, coming into her living room eating macaroons. Her husband, Torvald, enters and a conversation that arises is the first time we witness Nora lying to her husband occurs. In this conversation we learn that Nora is a spendthrift. We become aware of this by the many packages she has carried in her house and how Torvald confronts her with her problem. Nora even asks for money for Christmas instead of presents.

Later, Nora's childhood friend, Mrs. Linde, arrives.

The two quickly catch up on the events of their lives. Nora tells Mrs. Linde about her husband's promotion and how they will have lots of money. Mrs. Linde reminisces that Nora was a spendthrift at a young age. We also are told at this time that Nora got money for a life recuperating trip to Italy for her dearest husband who was falling ill. She states that the money was from her dying father.

Later in the conversation, after a smart remark from Mrs. Linde about how easy Nora has had it. Nora shares with Mrs. Linde that, despite what she had just told her, it was actually Nora who, through a secretive loan, got the money necessary to go to Italy and save her husband's life.

Later, the doorbell rings and Krogstad enters. As Krogstad goes in to talk to Torvald, Dr. Rank comes out. Dr.