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A Doll's House RRJ Tsion Kiros


English-4th Period

Act 1 Entries

"A Doll's House" author Henrick Isben sets the initial setting of the scene with a posh, and yet sophisticated lifestyle with the lines, "stands a piano. In the middle of the left-hand wall is a door, and beyond it a window. Near the window are a round table, arm-chairs and a small sofa. In the right-hand wall, at the farther end, another door; and on the same side, nearer the footlights, a stove, two easy chairs and a rocking-chair; between the stove and the door, a small table.", it gives the indication that the Helmer family had a quant, yet comfortable lifestyle.

This assentation that Isben makes is further shown here within this excerpt, which is the dialogue between Nora Helmer and her husband Torvald. Nora. Yes but, Torvald, this year we really can let ourselves go a little. This is the first Christmas that we have not needed to economise.Helmer. Still, you know, we can't spend money recklessly.Nora. Yes, Torvald, we may be a wee bit more reckless now, mayn't we? Just a tiny wee bit! You are going to have a big salary and earn lots and lots of money. The play was published in 1879 and this conversing between these two characters most likely represents the timeless tribulation between choosing between what one truly desires, and what one can afford.

One can further personify this as a battle between idealism and realism, though it's evident to the reader that the Torvald family is bargaining and settling for this. Often people will do this after a continuous cycle of rejection, and out of sheer desperation; shoving their wants aside for their needs and the essentials of day to day life. For many unfortunately...