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Imprisonment in A Doll' s House In a Doll' s House, a certain number of imprisonment effects are at hand. Characters such as Nora or Kristine, are condemned either by poverty or by the situation or even by the role that women were expected to play and accept in this very conventional society, regardless of the fact that they were, despite this, respected and considered as the "pillars" of society.

In the play "A Doll's house", all the main characters are imprisoned in one way or another. If we take the example of Helmer. He feels imprisoned when he is threatened by Krogstad " Oh it doesn' t bear thinking. Oh I'm in the power of a man without scruples. And I' m brought so pitifully low all because of a shiftless woman". This threatening, from his point of view makes him incapable of escaping from his small world. His Small world, which includes his family and the bank he works in.

Towards the end of the play, he says that he' s saved and has in a way escaped from the prison he was locked up in. We find this out as he says: " Nora I' m saved!" In the entire play, Nora is in fact THE one and only real one imprisoned. She has no rights to do anything; she is "a bird in a cage". Kristine gives the exact figure of Nora by saying: " A wife cannot borrow without her husband' s consent". She is also imprisoned by law because of her forged signature and is therefore "aggressed" by Krogstad, the man who lent her the money in the first place. She has been convinced that males are kings of the society she lives in. She even tells Kristine about this idea: " A...