Domestic and International Human Trafficking Involving India

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Overiew:Human trafficking is a wide-spread issue that is present in essentially every country of the world. This growing black-market based crime is a problem that severely affects South Asia heavily. The vast socio-economic disparity that is present in heavily-populated or undeveloped countries, such as India and Indonesia, contributes heavily to the trafficking of individuals from impoverished villages, regions of conflict, and areas with corrupt local governments.

Extent of Human Trafficking:GlobalThough there are many task forces, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies that have been investigating the global human-trafficking problem, the actual amount of people and money involved has yet to be widely agreed upon. The United States Department of State Trafficking in Persons most-recent annual report estimates that there are approximately eight-hundred thousand people that are trafficked across international borders. The number of those that are intra-nationally trafficked is in the multi-millions according to the 2008 report, as well. The report also states that the global-market is up to $32 billion a year industry, taking the profits of the workers and the sale of them into account.

1, 3 The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has yet to release any numbers on the amount of humans trafficked, but has, in various reports, used millions as an expression to describe the magnitude of the crime. The UNODC has, however, has released estimates that the trade-business is worth anywhere from $10 billion to in excess of $30 billion per year. 2Indian (Domestic and International)South Asia, where India falls geographically, is ranked second, to Southeast Asia, in the number of annually internationally trafficked persons, according to the UNODC. 3 The American Anti-Slavery Group (ASI) estimate that there are approximately two-hundred thousand to three-hundred thousand enslaved children that are ‘employed’ at factories that work on looms weaving carpets and other textiles with little...