Domestic and International Marketing Plan

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Team A chose to use Houston as the home of Coffee Break. Houston is the 5th largest city and with several different methods of communication and outings. The Census data, religious adherent research, and coffee consumption statistics were used to determine the market share for Coffee Break. According to statistics one-third of all adults in the U.S. now drink coffee, and that figure will grow by 50 percent by the year 2010. Nationally, 47 percent of Americans consider themselves coffee drinkers. However, there is no place like Coffee Break. One can either be a part of a holy or secular function but no in-between. Coffee Break is a spot where one could go and listen to contemporary gospel music and have a good time with people of a common position and enjoy coffee. Secondly, Maximus Coffee Group and Urban Harvest Organic Farmers Market's is the external purchasing company for Coffee Breaks.

(International) Team A chose to use Brazil as the International market for Coffee Break. According to World Coffee Consumption: Statistics and Trends the average Brazilian consumes 3 to 4 glasses of coffee a day and the country produces and grows the coffee beans. It is also known as the world's largest and best-tasting coffee supplier. Team A decided to form an alliance with International Coffee Organization and Coffee Plantation to supply Coffee Break. Certain inner cities in Brazil are known to be a bit on the wild side, therefore our coffee shop will create a safe haven or retreat for those who dwell within the inner cities of Brazil and desire to walk a straight and narrow path as well as meet someone of like-mind.

Channel StrategyInitially, Lakewood Church will put Coffee Break on the list of "places to go" during offering and...