Domestic Violence

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In our times, domestic abuse occurs quite regularly, and the Carrie Johnson case is no exception. The fact is a vagrant murdered Carrie Johnson in City Park, but the question that still remains is; who should take responsibility or blame for the death of Carrie Johnson? The answer is apparent: Miss. Johnson herself. Carrie Johnson is unquestionably responsible for her own death. Although others such as David Walker and Carrie's lover contributed to the circumstances, the central person who must be held accountable is Carrie Johnson, herself.

Carrie Johnson is directly responsible for her own death because she allowed herself to live in a strained, controlled situation. Assuming that the murder weapon, a hunting knife, was the same knife used by David Walker on his hunting trip, Walker is the murderer. Yet, Carrie is still responsible. Carrie Johnson allowed herself to be controlled and manipulated by David Walker. For example, David Walker told her she was not permitted to leave the house alone in the evenings.

Carrie Johnson always had the choice to disobey David Walker and do what she pleased. At any point in the relationship, she could have disagreed or disobeyed with his controlling attitude and left him. But instead, she chose to stay with him and his controlling ways and therefore accepted all consequences that may arise. This choice she made eventually cost her life. The co-ordinator of the Woman Abuse Council of Toronto, Vivien Green must come across many cases each day like the Carrie Johnson case. She states, "Every time a woman is killed, every other woman living with abuse shudders with fear. It is a feeling of 'it could have been me" (Black 1). All women living in this type of situation must live with constant fear and terror of what may happen to...