Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a problem that affects everyone including the victim, family members, community, and society. There are several different types of domestic violence. They are:

1. Physical violence - which is the most basic form of domestic violence leading to

extensive injury, unsuccessful pregnancies and even murder, if the violence is

allowed to escalate. Physical violence includes slapping, hitting, choking, burning,

pulling of the hair, preventing the victim any access to an exit, or the use of any

type of weapon.

2. Mental and Emotional abuse- is harm to the victims ability to think, reason, or

have feelings, intimidation, degradation, and humiliation. This type of abuse

degrades the victim's self-worth. The attacker accomplishes this by withholding

any type of affection towards the victim, calling the victim degrading names,

making either verbal or physical threats towards the victim, refusing the victims

friends, time, money, and interest of their own, and by acting in a manner that

would imply that the victim is crazy.

Emotional abuse can be the hardest for a

woman to identify.

3. Sexual Abuse- having unwanted sex with a partner, calling the partner degrading

sexual names, scarring a partner during sex, not informing the partner of any sexually transmitted diseases that they may currently have, and continuing to have unprotected sex with the partner, forbidding the partner to use any form of birth control.

4. Economic Abuse- preventing partner from making any financial decisions, making the partner justify all spending, unjustly blaming partner for any financial problems that they are having, not allowing the partner to work outside the home.

5. Battering-is a series of physical attacks that occur repeatedly. Battery is not as prevalent as some of the other forms of abuse. It is almost always associated with control over the victim in...