Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence Domestic violence is one of the most insidious forms of violence. It is a violent act that takes place between a man and woman, husband and wife. This type of behavior turns love into terror. Woman battery is a universal phenomenon, occurring on all levels of society and in all cultures.

Battered women typically have poor self-images and low self-esteems. The victim of such abuse must live with the fear of their perpetrator day in and day out. It is difficult to understand why the battered spouse remains with the perpetrator. As Davis explains in chapter sixteen women often feel trapped within their relationships. They have been ridiculed to a degree in which is life threatening. Women who suffer from domestic violence are just like other women, they want to be happy and they long to be loved. They go through months, sometimes years without anyone saying a kind word to them.

These individuals feel as though they are to blame for their spouse?s vicious cycle of abuse. The victims need to be recognized and helped so they can regain a sense of power. Victims suffering from domestic violence can not regain their power if they do not seek assistance. Social workers are a great source of support and help. Social workers assist the victims in courts, shelters, and hospital emergency rooms. As described in the chapter a shelter is a safe environment where women can stay on a temporary basis. The purpose of a shelter is to provide the victim with the knowledge and confidence to know that they are not at fault. There is usually no way the battered woman can permanently alter the man?s battering behavior by changing her own. Batterers are violent for their own personal reasons, not because of anything the women do...