Domestic violence

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Domestic violence is an actual or threatened violence and involving the violent abuse of a spouse in a family. Even though most people think domestic violence is the worst thing, there is still have a large amount of women who are the victims. According to the general statistics about Victims of Domestic Violence, every 15 seconds in America, a woman is abused. Overall, 92% of all domestic violence incidents are committed by men against women. And most cases of domestic violence are never reported to the police. As we can see, women are the main target of domestic violence. Woman is weaker compare to the man, so man can easier to control everything that he wants. One of the domestic violence issues can be seen with Judy¡¯s story. She was born in Omaha. Her great-uncle is a Lutheran minister. Her mother¡¯s father was the mayor. She and her husband Karl were public school teachers.

And they were both in mid-twenties when they met together. Judy gave birth to Cyndi, breanna and Matt. Judy was the victims in the family, every time she forgives Karl, until Karl hasn¡¯t send money to her; she has seceded to stop fighting and divorced with Karl. The other issue can be seen with Whitney¡¯s story. Whitney was born in 1977, when she turned thirty-two years old; she ended her marriage to Melvin. She met Brad in high school when she was fourteen and Brad was sixteen. After she entered college, she worked as broadcast journalism. Whitney followed the same pattern of abuses with Brad for three years. At the end, Whitney decided to leave but it creates a long term effects Brad¡¯s Abuse on Whitney. However, I believe that the abuse inflicted by the men upon the women is intolerable. One of the abuses...