Domestic Violence

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Domestic Violence is the most common form of assault in Australia.

Hundreds of thousands of Australian women are subjected to violence within their relationships. Studies indicate that such violence occurs in all social classes, races and cultures, and that women constitute the majority of victims, while men are the majority of offenders. The following information provides some idea of the extent and nature of domestic violence throughout Australia. 7.1% of the adult female population or 490 400 women experience violence. 6.2% of these women experienced violence perpetrated by a male, and 1.6% experienced violence perpetrated by a female. Many victims feel unable to speak out about domestic violence. The pressures of negative community attitudes towards victims, feelings of shame, and fear of retribution from the offender contribute to low levels of disclosure of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is any abusive behaviour used by one partner in a relationship to gain and maintain power and control over another person?s life.

Domestic violence includes physical abuse, mental torture, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, social deprivation, public humiliation, verbal assaults and financial control. Physical and sexual abuse are the most obvious forms of violence.

Thanks to the Women?s Domestic Violence Service and the advertising campaign that is being launched today. Our aim is to make domestic violence a majorly recognised problem throughout society, to help the victims of domestic violence to come forward and confront their problems, by proving to them that although they may be afraid it is not their fault and something can be done about it.

The Women?s Domestic Violence Service advertising campaign includes the following advertisements, a slogan, logo, billboard, TV advertisement, radio advertisement and a magazine advertisement. The Women?s Domestic Violence Service campaign will run for a short time period of four weeks.