Domestic Violence In the Family "A Feminist Perspective"

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The family is a fundamental unit encompassing the human society in which it is partnered. What then happens when this vital support unit is overwhelmed by domestic violence? In this essay I will try to point out to you the issues of family violence from a feminist point of view and how power and inequality are features of this perception. To describe this in a feminist way, we have to understand the meaning of feminism. Feminism is described "as a social movement, which aims to improve women's rights. A doctrine, originating in the late eighteenth century, suggests that women are systematically disadvantaged in modern society and advocates equal opportunities for men and women" (Abercrombie, Hill, Turner, 1984. pg. 131.). Domestic violence describes a situation where one partner in a relationship is using violent and abusive behaviours in order to dominate and control the other partner. So in a family environment the issues of power and inequality are of great importance.

Figures have stated that in 95% of all domestic assaults observe that men are committing these transgressions against women. The term patriarchy here is of consequence; the term patriarchy " is used to describe the dominance of men over women. Patriarchy is essentially based on the household in which men dominate women, economically, sexually and culturally" (Abercrombie, Hill, Turner 1984, pg. 258.).

Men use their dominance in various forms, physical assault being the most common they also use other types of violence, which include, psychological and social abuse. Examples of physical abuse (with the objective to injure) is varied from slapping, punching and weapon use. Psychological Abuse includes emotional and verbal abuse with aggressive/intimidatory behaviours. Social abuse includes purposeful isolation, regular supervision and cutting her of from support networks (family and friends). Financial abuse is when the abusive (man) partner...