Domestic Violence (The Women of Juarez, True Tales From Another Mexico by Sam Quinones)

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Viewpoints from Mexico to the United State are all the same. I thought that you couldn't compare the two diverse countries. But after doing my paper about a story in the book called True Tales From Another Mexico, I have realized they have a lot in common. Women until this very day are overlooked, mistreated, and underpaid in both the United Sates and in Mexico. It seems like women will never be accepted equally.

As stated by Sam Quinones in the book True Tales From Another Mexico, "The city went from 407,000 inhabitants in 1970 to what townspeople can only estimate is about 1.5 million people today..." (Quinones 139). The reason why it more than tripled was due to the fact of more that 3,800 maquiladoras opened in Juarez and wanted female workers for most of he positions. When women heard about the positions they jostled through so they could get the jobs.

But the women had no clue what would eventually happen in the near future for them. Women in that part of city were underpaid, raped, and killed. This was the reason why these maquiladoras were constantly hiring.

An event, which happened in the United, was the Wal-Mart scandal. As stated in the article "Rife with discrimination" in USA today, Stephanie Armour stated, "...female employees were paid 5% to 15% less than men in similar jobs..." (Armour). Over 1.6 women were mistreated and underpaid due to the fact not being the same gender as men. In the Article, Sandra Stevenson was declined of a promotion to management. Instead of

hiring the more qualified person for the position, they hire a male worker who was less experienced o the management position. Another women in the Article, name not mentioned, was denied to work in the sporting good...