The Dominance of Eurasia

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Just imagine that you were lucky enough to be born a hunter-gatherer anywhere in Eurasia thousands of years ago. Due to environmental circumstances, you noticed that you and your people were evolving into people that were much more advanced and were to lead a very different lifestyle than you had led before. Slowly you would realize that the abundance of edible plants in your area enabled you and your band to ditch your nomadic lifestyle and adopt a sedentary lifestyle because the plants where you were living were so nutritious and abundant. Why not just stay in one place and domesticate the plant? The availability of large mammals like cows, horses, sheep, goats and pigs made it easier for your people to farm and to carry goods. Your hunter-gatherer days were over. Your people collected many more goods from the neighbouring Fertile Crescent. Specifically your people received barley and emmer, which were two of the most densest and nutritious seeds.

Your population grew because of the abundance of food and goods. The farmers of your people concentrated on food production while the rest of your people were left to innovate and invent technology. Some specialized in crafts like textiles while others became beurocrats, scribes, kings and soldiers (Wilford 1997). Writing was brought down from Sumer so that you could track all your advancements, especially in food production. Strangely, when your people made contact with the rest of the world, your people noticed that foreigners had fewer goods than you had and led a very different lifestyle; you also noticed that disease ravaged the foreign people which made it easier for your people to conquer them. Why did you, as a person in Eurasia, lead in dominance and wealth compared to the rest of the world?Yali, a guide in Papua-New...