Dominican Republic's Policies and its effects on its globalization

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The effects of modern Dominican Policies on its Globalization

Throughout its independence, the Dominican Republic has had many shifts in government, which later also impacted the economy of the country, as well as world views of the country. It had finally declared its independence in 1844, when Los Trinitarios, along with the aid of Pedro Santana, overthrew the rule of the Haitian leader Jean Pierre Boyer. This eventually led to the Dominican Republic's complete independence from Haiti, with Pedro Santana as its president. Shortly after, Spain, who originally colonized the island, acknowledges the annexation of the Dominican Republic fully, and withdraws from the territory. This lead to the proclamation of a second republic, one which soon had its customs department controlled by the United States, in exchange for the buyout of the Dominican Republic's debts by the United States. Eventually this causes disorder in the country. The United States responds with the presence of their military in the Dominican Republic.

This instigates the Dominican Republic's constitutional government to take over, eventually leading to the United States' forced withdrawal from the island. At this point the country was fairly weak, and it was very easy to assume rule of the Dominican Republic. A man by the name of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina seizes this opportunity to eventually create a personal dictatorship in the country. Trujillo's reign lasts about 30 years, until he is finally assassinated in 1961. Shortly after the assassination of Trujillo, Juan Bosch is elected president of the country. However, Bosch does not last long in office, as a year after he is elected, he is deposed and a three-man civilian junta takes over. This forces the United States, who respond by invading the Dominican Republic with roughly 30,000 U.S. troops. Following the successful invasion from the...