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In the movie "Don Quijote" Alonso Quijano, an elderly man, was living an idealistic life. He believed that he was a knight that was on an adventure to defeat giants. He encountered several interesting people and had many challenges.

Alonso Quijano took part in several adventures with his partner Sancho Panza at his side. Where Alonso came up with all of these ideas and adventures from we do not know. If I were to take a guess at it, I would have to say from his books. Alonso read many book throughout his life and many of them had to do with knights, adventure, and ideas like that. In addition, in the movie his favorite book that his niece tried to hide for her uncle when they were burning his entire book collection was a book that had to do with knights. This proves why Alonso wanted to take part in so many adventures.

Many viewers of "Don Quijote," may believe that there was a reason to Alonso's strange behavior. Personally, I agree. All of Don Quijote's books were stories about knights and great warriors defeating strange and awkward creatures. Don Quijote's family must have had the same reasoning as me because; in the movie his family burnt, all of his books so he would not be able to read and more books and get more ideas.

Don Quijote's friend and esquire Sancho Panza, was promised and island for coming along with Don Quijote. I believe that Sancho did this for Don because he was truly a good friend. They have been friend since the beginning of time. In addition, after Don returned home Sancho came home along with his instead of staying home as governor of the island.

If I had a choice to be an idealistic dreamer, or live life in the boring realist frame of mind, I would for sure choose the idealistic life. People might think I am crazy but as long as you are having fun its ok. I believe that it would be an action packed life being idealistic life in this day in age, but I would not be long until they put you in a psychiatric home. The reason for my choice is it looked like Don Quijote was having a lot of fun and was doing what he wanted to do throughout the movie.

"Don Quijote," was a funny and exciting movie that I enjoyed very much. Don Quijote was a strange but funny character that lived in an exciting frame of mind. Don Quijote and Sancho went on several exciting adventures and I wish I had the time to life in the idealist mind instead of going to school.