Don Quixote

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Don Quixote At this point it seems, either the cold of morning, which was just breaking, or something laxative he had eaten for supper or, as seems more likely, the natural course of things, gave Sancho the inclination and desire to do what no one else could do for him; but so much fear had entered into his heart that he dared not stir a hair?s breath from his aster. Yet it was quite impossible even to think of not fulfilling his needs. So what he did was to take a middle course. Very gently he moved his right hand from the crupper of the saddle, and with it neatly and noiselessly loosened the running knot, with was all that kept his breeches up, so that when it was undone they fell down and held him like fetters. After which, he hitched up his shirt as best he could, and bared a pair of ample buttocks to the air.

This done, which he thought was all he needed to, another greater problem confronted him,: he was afraid that he could not relieve himself with out making some report or noise. So he began to grind his teeth and contract his shoulders, holding his breath as much as he could. But despite all these precautions he was so unfortunate as in the end to make a little noise very different from the din, which was causing him so much terror. And when Don Quixote heard it he asked: ?What is that noise, Sancho?? ?I don?t know sir?, he replied. It must be something fresh, for these adventures and misadventures never begin for nothing? (Cervantes 160).

In the year of 1614 when Cervantes wrote the novel Don Quixote he introduced society to the reality that people dealt with and yet did...