Don Quixote

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Sane or Insanity

The question in this book has an important question. Is Don Quixote sane or insane? When we first read early into the book, Don Quixote seems to be insane unable to recognize people or things and waking up hallucinating. Paranoia and hallucinations and crisis are evaluated to determine his sane or insanity.

In determining Don Quixote's sanity, we look for the center of his problems. His hallucinations may be triggered by an enormous lack of sleep or rest when he devoted himself to reading. He started getting delusions of himself being caught in a world of knight errantly. But as the novel progresses you think differently on his level of "madness". I believe that he chose to be this way on purpose. This might be because he wanted to see how people thought of him or he wanted to test the fact to see if he understands himself as well.

At first I believed that he had multiple personality that defines him but it explains that he is not like a lot of people and is his own unique personal being. His "madness" is formed into a different behavior by chivalry. As we continue reading further, Don Quixote recovers his sanity and his condition improves slowly as time progresses. As he is not satisfied or feels melancholy as a knight errant he becomes saner and is able to control his own actions. Since the fact he had a passionate commitment to "Knight errantry", he acts a bit rash however, this helps him understand and learn to stable his unusual behavior.

Don Quixote also possesses a paranoia personality disorder that was known for his strange behavior. He displays all signs from his suspicions of others to his inability to take the blame for his actions. At...