Don Quixote and what type of charcter he portays.

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Don Quixote

In Don Quixote there are many perceptive that it may be seen from. The one that I really was fond of because it is quite obvious in the book is Don Quixote being a comic character, created purely for your entertainment.

Don Quixote is a very long novel, but the plot is really not that difficult. A man named Alonso Quixano has read so many romantic stories about the knights of the middle ages that he goes out of his mind and imagines he is a knight. He also imagines that he is in love with a princess named Dulciena. He changes his name to Don Quixote puts on armor and goes on an adventure. In the book you never really met Alonso Quixano but he is portrayed through Don Quixote. The character of Don Quixote is really a figment of Alonso Quixano's imagination.

The first comedic action in the book is when Don Quixote goes to an inn, which he thinks is a castle.

He asks the innkeeper to officially make him a knight. The innkeeper says "yea" just to have humor with Don Quixote. A neighbor then takes Don Quixote home where his niece, housekeeper, two friends, local priest, and barber burn his books to make him come back to reality. By the way which he does not.

Don Quixote still wants to seek adventure, so he gets Sancho Panza to be his squire Sancho really says yes out of greed. He thinks therefore he believes because Don Quixote promises him to be richly rewarded and will receive an island of his own to rule. Sancho Panza is greedy and doesn't use his common sense. Don Quixote gets Sancho and himself in an abundance of trouble. For one he mistakes windmills for giants. He mistakes...